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Machine Compare

A new chapter for Machine Compare

14 August 2020

Equipped with a new team, new headquarters and new product lines, it’s about time we gave you guys the low down on what’s going on here at Machine Compare. 

As this new chapter is about two years in the making, let’s start by taking things back to the beginning when Machine Compare launched in 2017. 

The aim was simple. To reduce failed machinery deals by matching buyers and sellers across a range of industrial sectors.  

The platform has gone down a treat, earning a huge volume of buyers and sellers as well as an engaged audience of over 30,000 subscribers.   

Last year, sadly, we lost our co-founder Eric to a very short diagnosis of bowel cancer. Before Eric passed away, both brothers shared a vision to improve MachineCompare by introducing two new products.

Ben Findlay - Machine Compare CEO

The first product we’re set to launch in two weeks is a global cross-sector industry auction.

We’ll run the auction during the summer and winter shutdown periods so machinery can changeover without incurring operational disruption. There will be more on how this all works next week. 

 As for the second product. This is the BIG ONE. We’re not ready to share this with you just yet, but all we can say is WATCH THIS SPACE.   

It’ll be big, it’ll disrupt, and you’ll want in on it. Trust us.    

MachineCompare is growing 

We’ve also welcomed two new starters to the team. Emily, our new CMO. And James, our new CTO. 

Emily joins us from the world of B2C, having worked for international brands in the FMCG, fintech and sport space.   

Emily’s main job will be to elevate MachineCompare, increasing brand awareness and ultimately helping more businesses discover and embrace our product range.

As for James, he joins us with over 14 years of experience developing in the eCommerce sector. Prior to joining us, James worked for one of the largest eCommerce platform providers in the UK before founding his own company 2 years ago.  

James is tasked with developing and managing Machine Compare’s development needs including developing the new spare parts platform.    

New headquarters 

When looking where to base ourselves ahead of this new chapter, we debated London, Berlin and even as far as San Francisco wasn’t off-limits.  

But none seemed as impressive as the offering at The Landing in MediaCity 

The Landing is home to over 150 high-growth businesses, combining a cross-section of digital, tech and creative specialists to create a unique environment where SMEs can thrive.  

From co-working and office spaces to UX labs and conference facilities, they have everything under one roof for ambitious tech start-ups like us.    

New office design 

Our new office fit-out is well underway. We want the space to show the brand and company culture, so, we’re focusing on creating a homely environment that inspires collaboration.

The office fit-out should be ready in the next week or so – more updates to follow shortly. 

If anyone needs a little quiet time, we also have full access to a co-working space upstairs. These hubs of collaboration and creativity feature big bright spaces, big conference rooms constructed with digital screens and plenty of sunlight. 

There’s also a cinema room which we’ll use for presentations and podcast recordings.

Finally, we have access to the Vodafone Digital Innovation Hub: a place to immerse ourselves into the world of 5G and see what the next generation of mobile technology will look like. 

If we’re honest. We have big news coming out of our ears, so do yourself a favour and sign up to our newsletter.

 *Spoiler alert*. There may be a “season two of the podcast” landing in your inbox next week.