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Beilomatik Synchro Sheeter Model P885 VGL-­S 2M-S, year of manufacture: 1992, width 1650 mm

Reference: SH1070Reference: SH1070Beilomatik Synchro Sheeter Model P885 VGL-­S 2M-S, year of manufacture: 1992, width 1 / View Ad

1650 mm Bielomatik Synchro Sheeter type P785 VGL-S 2M, year o manufacture: 1992

Reference: SH1071Reference: SH1071Bielomatik Synchro Sheeter type P785 VGL-S 2M, year o manufacture: 1992, width 1650 mm / View Ad

2200 mm Jagenberg Synchro Sheeter model 400-­2200

Reference: SH1077Reference: SH1077Jagenberg Synchro Sheeter model 400-­2200, year of manufacture: 2000, width 2200 mm, / View Ad

4000 mm Beloit Slitter Rewinder, type HTC 3, complete installation

Reference: 5012Reference: 50124000 mm Beloit Slitter Rewinder, type HTC 3, complete installation.Year of manufacture: 19 / View Ad

3500 мм Jagenberg Vari-Roll Slitter Rewinder

Reference: 5014Reference: 50143500 мм Jagenberg Vari-Roll Slitter RewinderYear of manufacture: 1985 Speed: 1200 m/min, / View Ad

2500 mm Jagenberg DRM Slitter Rewinder. Maximum speed: 850 m/min.

Reference: 5003Reference: 50032500 mm Jagenberg DRM Slitter Rewinder A new AC 40.5 KW motor was installed in 2007. Work / View Ad

Cassoli PAC 602RT

4 lane infeed, 4-6-8-9-12 single layer, double8-12-18-24. speed up to 30 packs double & 50 packs singleDelivered cle / View Ad

CB 150 Shrink Tunnel Wrapper

2 unwinds, 1500mm heat seal bar, shrink tunnel, speed up to12 bundles/min, label applicator, / View Ad

Nilpeter FA2500

Kelva web cleaner, web guide, GEW VCP UV, slitting, 79,000working hours, / View Ad

Edale 250S – 7 Colour Flexo Label Press

10" web, web guide, reverse print, IR drying, video cameraslitting, tooling supplied / View Ad

Atlas CSE 1000R slitter/rewinder

Maximum web width 2500mm, minimum unwind 1000mmmax unwind diameter 1000mm, max mechanical speed 600m/min. shafts with re / View Ad

GiDue Combat 430 – 8 Colour UV Label Press

Corona, IST UV , chills, 2 die stations. Teknek web cleaner / View Ad

ABG Omega 330

330mm, serial 9582, roll lifter, 76mm shafts, splice, keypad control, label & length counter, rotary slitting / View Ad

Bretting Varifold

9" - 17" cut off, 2 unwinds, 1/4 & 1/8 fold, 2,400napkins/min, cocktail, luncheon & dinner napkins, nopacking eq / View Ad

W&H 3G with flat handles

bag widths 15 - 32c, cut off lengths 36 - 77cm, 4 colourprinter / View Ad

Atlas 4250mm wide slitter/rewinder

Mechanical speed 800 m/min. operational speed 600 m/min.shaftless unwind, 1000mm diameter, centre drive rewind withindep / View Ad

St Regis Tuber + Printer

St Regis tuber with photocell, 4 col tailend printer,slitter, fork lift with clamps, surplus paper, ink &adhesive / View Ad

Perini 110 Industrial Logsaw

speed upto 50 cuts/min, max cut diam 240mm, log length 270mmservo adjustment via panel / View Ad

Italconverting LS32i

Industrial logsaw, speed upto 60 cuts/min, max cut diam330mm, log length 270mm, servo adjustment / View Ad

Perini Echo E 1006 2.7m

Semi auto industrial towel slitter rewinder for industrialtowels, handtowels etc, 400 m/min speed, ply bonding, steelto / View Ad

Perini 702G Industrial Towel line 2.7m

Start-stop rewinder, speed 450 m/min, CMC Gambini 40.01DERL emboss/lamination - 2014, ply bonding, perforation,350mm rew / View Ad

Perini E1002 2.0m

Stop start rewinder, 400 m/min speed, ply bonding,steel/rubber emboss, perforation, slitting, rewind 110 -400mm, tailsea / View Ad

Omet TV 501 / 6A

6 colour printer, steel/paper edge emboss, 33 x 33cm, V foldbandsaw, 2002 electrical cabinet + PLC software / View Ad

Omet TV504 5A + Wrapper

speed upto 550 m/min, 39 x 39cm dimensions, 1/4 fold, 4 colprinter + 1 colour internal on face, steel/paper edgeembosser / View Ad

Omet TV 503-2A

33 x 33cm size, speed upto 500 m/min, 1/4 fold, 2 colourprinter, steel/steel edge emboss - 2006, folding head - 2006Omet / View Ad

Omet TV503 – 2A

Speeds upto 550 m/min, 33 x33cm size, 1/4 fold, turretunwind stand, tip tip micro emboss/lamination unit, 2 colflexo pri / View Ad

Polytype 3 station coater for Alu Foil

Maximum web width 1000mm, hot air heating by thermal oil700mm dimater unwind and rewind, 3 section drying bridgesfor Alu / View Ad

Nilpeter FA3300 – 10 Station Press

330mm width, 1 drop in screen station, cold & hotfoil, BST camera, Vetaphone corona, 1 die station,lamination Gapmas / View Ad

W&D 622

speed up to 180 packs/min, size 21 x 21cm pocket, 2 lanefolder, with calender & steel/steel edge emboss, autotransfe / View Ad

Brotech SDF 330

330mm web, 2 flexo, semi rotary flexo, cold foil/laminationdie station / View Ad

Cassoli PAC 110

Fully automatic wrapper for 2-4-6 TRT / View Ad

Complete Flexo Label Printing Factory

Nilpeter Rotolabel B3000 - 1994 - 6 letterpress + FlexoEdale 250DG - 1996 - 5 Water Based FlexoCartes CE53TR Hot Stampin / View Ad

Curioni Sun Master 540

with inline twisted handle, speed aprox 100 pcs/min,overhauled 2004, bag lengths 320mm-650mm, bag widths220mm-540mm, bot / View Ad

Kampf Unislit

Maximum web width 3350mm, maximum material width withoutoscillation 3050mm, slitting widths from 290mm, 3" and 6"cores, / View Ad

W&H Triumph 3A + T1441

With QMS 4 colour printer-not connected, T1441 offlineflat paper handle attachment machine / View Ad

W&H Triumph 3G

With Flexotecnica 4 colour printer, bag widths 15-32cmcut off length 36-77cm, bottom 7-20cminline flat handles / View Ad

W&H Triumph 3A

2 ply possible, bag widths 14-32cm, cut off 28-90cmbottom widths 8-18cm / View Ad

Perini 715B

Coreless bathroom tissue rewinder, 106" width, 2 lane,rubber/steel emboss, tailsealer, 4 logs/min speed / View Ad

W&H Triumph 3

with 2 colour printer, double unwind for 2 ply bags, bottompatch unit, bag widths 12 - 26cm, tube lengths 24-90cmbottom / View Ad

HP Indigo 20000

Flexible packaging materials, paper, web 400mm - 762mm,very low hours, 42 m/min speed / View Ad

Gallus TCS 250

2 x letterpress, 1 x flexo coating station, UVITERNO UV,rotary die station / View Ad

Perini Sincro 4.5 2.65m

TRT & BRT, core winder, 2 unwinds, nested & microemboss/lamination, ply bonders, 2 accumulators, 2 log saws,roll / View Ad

Nilpeter MO3300

corona, 6 x MO platforms, 2 x M platforms, Nilpeter UV,cooling plates, K&B die station, Baldwin dampening,antistatic / View Ad

MPS EF330 Label Press

Full servo, web cleaner, 10 Colours with GEW E Brick UV,Corona, Rail system, delam/relam, turnbar, rotary die,BST Camera / View Ad

Macchi COEX 3 blown film extruder

3 x layers, film structures A-B-C, materials LDPE, LLDPE,MDPE, film width 2400mm, screw Dia 80,100,80Gravimetric dosing / View Ad

Nilpeter B280

290mm web, 7 letterpress+ varnish, auto registration, 3 diestations, sheeting station, turnbar, 2 x delam/relam, chillpl / View Ad

Omet FN 450

max speed 120 x10 packs/min, steel/paper emboss, production30 - 33,000 packs x 10 per 8 hr shift, Cassoli PAC 510 FZpac / View Ad

Perini 68:50 2.8m

2 unwinds, core winder, double micro emboss, point to pointemboss, 500 mpm speed, 90-160mm log diam, 25 logsper min, acc / View Ad

ALS Ecoroll 128C

Was behind a Xeikon digital printer, 500mm web, BST webguide, buffer memory, slitting with circular blades, 2product rew / View Ad

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