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Machine Compare

General News Articles

x8 tips to protect your investments in Machinery

So, you’ve just bought a new machine. Understandably, you’re not thinking about selling it right now. However, when day comes to find … Continued

x4 Impacts of Positive Company Culture You Should Know About

Although discussions around corporate culture remain subtle and relatively sparse within organisations, there’s overwhelming evidence to suggest its importance in making businesses … Continued

Machine Compare partners with detected to protect customers

We recently partnered with detected, the internationally recognised mark of trust for online marketplaces and e-commerce, enabling buyers and sellers to trade … Continued

What happens online doesn’t stay online: the story of your data

Only a few years ago we talked about “going online”, acknowledging the fact that the internet was a place separated from our … Continued

Switching to the digital basket: The inevitable rise of e-commerce

As the first trend reports rank our online searches, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: 2021 will be a year of transition. … Continued

How high commission has distorted the price of used industrial machinery

Going online, it won’t take you long to realise the high percentage of commission that machine reseller auctions or machine dealers charge … Continued

Towards the circular economy: Bending linear models to go full circle

By now, most of us are familiar with the concept of the ‘circular economy’. Slowly but surely, more industry sectors are moving … Continued

Machine Compare welcomes Pakawaste

We recently welcomed Pakawaste to the Machine Compare Platform. Offering a wide range of quality products and specialised services, we’re thrilled to … Continued

Machine Compare welcomes Baysek Machines

We recently welcomed Baysek Machines to the Machine Compare platform. Off to a successful start, we look forward to our continued collaboration. … Continued

Beyond CSR: How Conscious Capitalism is reshaping business

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity” – Albert Einstein It’s safe to say that 2020 will be remembered as … Continued

paper carton making factory machine huge cellulose

8 reasons why industrial buyers choose Machine Compare

At Machine Compare, we are fully committed to providing our customers with the very best digital products and customer service. We believe in … Continued

The Ben Findlay Podcast is BACK

This summer we welcomed back Season 2 of The Ben Findlay Podcast. Expect some incredible learnings from some of the biggest names in tech, … Continued

4 key benefits of listing your machinery through Machine Compare

Here at Machine Compare, we’re proud to provide the best technology to help our clients reach their goals. Thanks to a number of product … Continued

7 tips for those now working from home

Whilst the narrative around Coronavirus is extremely worrying for many, we hope there will be a silver lining in that it’s forcing … Continued

10 interesting facts about the UK manufacturing industry

UK manufacturing is now entering a new era with technologies such as automation, AI and the fourth industrial revolution helping boost productivity, innovation and … Continued

7 of the world’s largest machines

Want to see what some of the world’s biggest machines look like?  Then look no further as we’ve done the hard work … Continued