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Welcome to the community!

We are growing! More and more people using the internet to research their purchasing decisions, working with key stakeholders we have created an online trading hub which informs buyer choice and inspires action. We would love for you to join the movement.

Once you sign up below, we will start working to benefit your business in the following ways…

  • Pre-qualified leads
    Our research suggests that buyers make purchasing decisions between the 5th and 8th point of contact. As buyers move through the website they collect key information, such as machinery brochures, floor plans and specifications. This helps them refine their specification further. Once they have inspected the machinery information you choose to list, and contact you directly, they are much more confident about speaking with you and visiting for a demo.
  • Better informed prospects.
    As well as offering machines to view on our listings channel, buyers will also be able to visit the Library and services directory. Here they are able to gather key information to help them understand their own requirements, and budget for the whole project of machinery investment BEFORE they contact you. Well informed leads are more likely to convert and ultimately reduce your cost of sale.
  • Increase awareness of your services
    The machinery listings page allows you to differentiate your services. You are able to list your specialisms, and also post videos of the machines you are selling and corporate videos promoting your business. This also allows you to differentiate your services from your competitive set and increase your brand awareness to active buyers in the market.
  • Save time converting prospects
    The filters and information we have on the website incentivise buyers to consider and, more importantly, budget for all aspects of a machinery purchase. By doing so, we are aiming to reduce the time you would spend doing this, allowing you to focus on arranging demos and closing your sales quickly.
  • Upsell prospects
    Once a buyer contacts you through the website, they would have evaluated the available options and considered all the surrounding costs associated with their investment. This gives you the opportunity, through your contacts and expertise, to help them save on some of their costs and upsell them on available features/models that may suit them better.

So why wait any longer. Fill out the details below and see for yourself. Together we can change the way the world trades industrial machinery…

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