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Machine Compare

Find the machine you’re looking for in our huge cross-sector industrial auction

14 August 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses and consumers the world over work, buy, and ultimately live their day to day lives. To return to the way life once was is no longer an option. Something we believe may not be a bad thing.

At Machine Compare, we’re currently underway with a comprehensive digital transformation that will help businesses adapt to the “new normal”,  including a bespoke new website (launching in September) and the introduction of further product lines.

These digital product lines include:

1. The Auction

A huge quarterly cross-sector industrial auction that provides both buyers and sellers of industrial machinery with endless benefits.

Browse our growing range of cross-sector listings below.

*Note: you can bid anytime, auction ends July 24th*

Plastic Machinery

Paper Machines

Machine Tools

The Auction Key Benefits

Machinery sellers can expect:

  • 0% commission charged on the sale of machines
  • No capital outlay to list machinery
  • Complete transparency of who is bidding on what
  • A competitive bidding environment
  • Flexibility in setting reserve pricing
  • Free use of Machine Compare’s webinar platform to demo assets

Benefits to machinery buyers include:

  • Access to a global network of industrial machinery sellers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Complete transparency on all purchases
  • No deals behind closed doors
  • The opportunity to bid what you’re prepared to pay
  • A “Buy it Now” feature for those who’re unable to wait until the auction ends

2. An integrated webinar platform

Giving end-to-end users the opportunity to host and experience live streams, live demonstrations, roundtable discussions and more.

If you’re interested in hosting a webinar through our platform, you can request a demo and book a slot by registering your details here:

3. A new marketplace

Currently, Machine Compare operates as a machinery listing platform, however, by autumn 2020 users can browse and purchase discounted spare parts sold by multinational manufacturers down to small independents across multiple sectors via our new e-commerce marketplace.

Adapting to change

Whilst navigating the market right now might feel challenging, the biggest challenge will fall upon organisations who fail to plan for what this new reality looks like for them.

Indications have been present long before COVID hit for a digital-first approach to business. Data shown in Smithers’ most recent corrugated market analysis show growth within the corrugated packaging space is expected to hit 3.7% annually (reaching $300 billion by 2023) helped by the explosion of e-commerce and developments in digital printing technologies.

Machine Compare CEO & Co-founder Ben Findlay commented: “Now is the time to learn from the past. Evolve and adapt. The new normal should be a better normal. We know it will certainly be different.

Having worked in the packaging sector myself for over 16 years as a broker, I know there will be a lot of organisations finding the prospect of shifting from analogue to digital incredibly daunting.

We’re giving organisations the chance to revaluate how and when stock is bought, sold and marketed, giving end-to-end users the time needed to breathe and react to such a changing landscape”.

The Auction

Machine Compare’s first auction will end July 24th, 2020.

If you have machines to sell you can list them here.

For those interested in browsing or bidding, visit The Auction page here.