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Machine Compare

The impacts of high commission on used industrial machinery prices

23 January 2021

Going online, it won’t take you long to realise the high percentage of commission that machine reseller auctions or machine dealers charge to sell used machines. This tends to fall somewhere between 18%-30% – that is, for the online auction service or for a used machine dealer to take charge of the sale. But it shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune like this to sell.

It has happened for years, and it’s led to over-inflated prices or untrue costs that simply don’t need to be paid. Neither the buyer or seller of these machines benefit in this scenario. Think about it, the seller doesn’t receive any additional income from their machine – if it’s even sold at all – and the buyer has paid far more than the machine is worth. Down the line, the buyer will struggle to sell the machine for the price that they want. Nobody wins!

However, for those companies that don’t have the time nor the contacts to be able to sell their machines, this is often the only option. Why should they put time aside to sell their machines? This can be quite costly considering the marketing of the machine and interactions with interested buyers.

Bidding on Machine Compare Auction
The bidding field on Machine Compare Auction

At Machine Compare, we challenge the norm so that you can enjoy true market rates for used machines. That way, a printing company can concentrate on what they do best, printing! And packaging companies can continue to create better and safer packaging for the environment. Whatever the industry – it puts focus where it needs to be.

Our auction is simple and transparent. Upload your machine, set your own reserve price, ensuring you’re happy with what you’ll get, and create your own auction length to fit in with the timescales you have set for your machine.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is sit back, as we take care of the rest – marketing the machine, leading interested and serious bidders to your auction and interacting with them. We’ll keep you updated throughout, speaking to all interested bidders on your behalf. There are several reasons why industrial buyers choose Machine Compare as their go-to platform, hence why it is a great place for you to list your machines.

Finally, we only charge a commission of 5% on a successful sale. If the machine is not sold – well, then you don’t owe us a £/$/€.

Interested? Get in touch here or check out what a subscription on Machine Compare has on offer.