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Machine Compare

JB Machinery suite of products help boost productivity, profitability & print quality

26 September 2022

Find out how this innovative company, specialising in IR drying and UV curing system, plate cleaning and ink management, can improve the performance, quality and safety of your equipment. 

Based in Westport, Connecticut, JB Machinery has worked closely with its global customer base for the past 22 years providing products and services to converters and original equipment manufacturers. 

Discover the company’s latest products to help you increase your performance, safety and quality. 

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ColorDry XL3000®

ColoryDry XL3000 helps optimise safety, printing and performance with Intelligent Power Management. This product is known as the safest IR Dryer on the market. Its features include Sentinel™ Sheet Detection as well as VisionMaster®. Users can enjoy high speed printing, die cutting and finishing in a single pass while significantly reducing waste. ColoryDry XL3000 also offers improved ink on-press stability and dry trapping for improved brilliance and quality.  

AutoDryer™ Control (ADC) is the latest JB innovation available for ColorDry XL3000. The ‘set and forget’ temperature control automatically monitors and adjusts individual dryer power settings to optimise drying and power consumption. ADC provides thorough drying of all colours and reduces energy usage by up to 25%. 

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InKomand ensures consistent printing results by creating a fully automated system using precise ink temperature control and pH and viscosity monitoring and dosing. This results in higher quality prints, faster drying speeds and a significant reduction of waste, sheet wraps and jams. Additionally, this product ensures colour variation is minimised, if not eliminated. 

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AutoWash automates the plate washing process, allowing converters to simultaneously clean all plates in less than four minutes. Apart from full pre- and post-print wash cycles, AutoWash features an “in production” print defect removal cycle. This removes impurities from printing plates in 1.5 seconds, without interrupting the production process. The system uses an environmentally friendly water-based cleaning solution and dual action deep cleaning cycle to clean the plates. A high-velocity air knife completes the process by quickly drying the plates. 

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Kleenplate 3.0®

KleenPlate® 3.0 is a fully automated print defect eliminator with auto plate washing requiring minimal set-up time and offering the ability to wash plates “on-demand”. This product features On Demand WetKleen as well as Continuous DryKleen depending on printing requirements. KleenPlate® 3.0 minimizes if not eliminates, paper dust defects, colour variation, dot gain, Anilox roll feedback, cleaning, paper jams and plate wraps.

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ColorCure Cold UV®

ColorCure Cold UV helps deliver maximum graphic, protective and functional varnish capabilities, from matte to high gloss wet look finishes. This product offers the safest, highest performing UV curing system in the industry. Aside from providing full print protection, ColorCure Cold UV is extremely scuff and rub resistant.  

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JB Machinery’s experts install their machines all over the world, including South Africa, Thailand and the UK. Find out more about their installations and success stories here. 


“What an outstanding piece of equipment! My operators are just beside themselves, holding the same colour all day long on a 150,000-piece order! They’re just happier than hell! We’ll be ordering a few more in the very near future, thank you so much!” – Joe Sepe, GM Maxco Supply, Fowler CA 


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