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Complete Corrugated Factory for Sale by Informal Tender

Listed: 2021-08-05 23:00:00

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Listing ID: MC-412345-31242
Time Left:
Ends:24/09/2021 14:00 GMT
Auction is now closed


Country: France
Condition: used
Year: Various
Manufacturer: Various


Complete Factory For sale
Location: France
Sale: By informal tender (non legally bids received by a certain date). All offers will be considered.

All offers to be submitted to [email protected] prior to the Auction close date

Size 2.5m
Speed 200 mpm
Power 380 Volts 50 Hz

2.5m BHS Double Wall 200mpm Corrugator able to run lightweight 80 gsm recycled paper. Year 1995 with various upgrades until 2019. Immediately available. Machine is currently stopped.

2500mm Year 1988
Cartridge Flutes B (40 million ml)
Spare cylinder for these flute

2500mm Year 1995
Cartridge Flutes C/E
Cylinder C currently has 43 million ml.
Cylinder E currently has 33 million ml.
Spare cylinders for these two flutes.

coating machine
Year 2011

BHS RS-M 2008 x 2
Lucas DBA 1988
Langston 380MRS 1995
Lucas DBA 1988 x 2

4 Splicers BHS
SP-X250 Year 2008

4 Splicers BHS
ARW-M300 (year 1998)

2 Splicers TORRES
Torres CTS (1986/ ret 2004)

Bridge Guides
Retrofit 2005

TRIPLEX Pre-Heater
BHS VZR-1 1988
BHS VZR-2 1998
BHS VZR-3 1998
Simon GC644G3 1976

Ferrari 637W 1991 x 2

Glue Unit
BHS LWR-2 1988

Double Backer
BHS 20 plates, 3 sections. 1988

Rotary Sheer 1988
BHS KRN 1988

BHS SRA 2004

Cutoff Knife
BHS NQM 1991
Upgraded in 2016

Upper 3.6m, Lower 2.5m BHS AAR 1988 (Refurbished in 2005)

Dry End full electrical upgrade in 2019

Conversion Machinery

Martin 616 Martin Miniline 4 colour casemaker. Year 1991.

FFG MARTIN 924 & Pre-feeder & Palletizer Martin (Midline)
Year 1994
4 colours 2 standard and 2 rapidset printers
The machine dates from 1994 but some elements are more recent: the
Prefeeder is from 2007 as are the
Counter ejector and the palletizer; the Mosca Strapper are from Year 2000.
- The feeder is a belt driven feeder retrofitted by Martin in 1994
- the 4 printers include 2 rapidset; printing is done from below, with ceramic cylinders. There are air drying ramps between the printers.
- The machine is equipped with a Slotter and a Circuit.
- The glue system is from Valco.
- The ejector counter is stacked from above.
- Until the end of production, the machine worked very well, with performance of 3500 m² per hour.
- The rails are cemented, and they can’t be dismantled

RDC Texo
Pre-Feeder, Year 1994 4 colours with a beater stripper stacker.

Auxiliary Equipment

1 walkway (footbridge) that allows you to pass over the machines in complete safely.
Steel and aluminium structure. Year 2016.
- Height from the ground = 3m20
- 4 stairs 84 cm wide
- 33m of walkway in total and a width of 1.10m

Year 1973, very old
Crusher with hammers


The boiler body is 31 years old and has successfully passed the 30 years tests.
The gas burner is new (BABCOCK brand) and was replaced 1 year ago.
The capacity is 5 T/h of steam

Wrapping machine SIGNODE Octopus 2100 BF
Year 2001
This machine is very worn

Waste suction system Cyclone located on the roof above the plant
Year 1973

Wastewater treatment It is possible to recover delivery pumps and submersible pumps as well as control and safety equipment and an electrical station management cabinet
The equipment was retrofitted in 2019 - The treatment tanks are made of concrete and cannot be recovered.

Waste weighing scale Year 1996 with retrofit of the electronic part in year 2018
This is a 1500 x 1500 mm weighing pan from 1996 and its dialog screen which was retrofitted in 2018.

Printing plates washing machine
Year 1997
Very pronounced wear of this machine

laboratory equipment for quality control
Micrometer, eclatometer, compression press
Year from 1984 to 1988

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