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Listing ID: MC-412345-29538
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Ends:19/04/2021 14:00 GMT
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Country: Turkey
Condition: used
Size: 1
Year: 2006
Manufacturer: HP


The cost effective solution for superior quality digital colour printing

The HP Indigo press 3050 – easy entry into digital printing
The HP Indigo press 3050 is the next evolution of the market-leading HP Indigo press 3000. Just like the 3000, the 3050 provides all the quality you expect from HP, plus enhanced reliability and capability. In addition, reduced acquisition, service and consumables costs makes it even easier to offer your customers a high quality solution for their short-run and personalised printing needs.
The HP Indigo press 3050 produces high quality, sharp, vibrant colour images. Its streamlined operation maximises your workflow, increases your production efficiency, and lowers your production costs. But more than just a press, acquiring an HP Indigo press 3050, means acquiring HP’s total solution addressing the entire range of issues you encounter as a business leader in the commercial printing market. The HP Indigo press 3050 is your route to profitability and success.
With HP’s technology and solutions, you can produce print runs as short as your customers desire, fitted precisely to each customer’s needs and in turnaround times that will encourage customers to return to you for more. With the HP Indigo press 3050, HP offers you effective digital printing that costs less and returns more.

Additional Information

Low risk investment
There has never been a better time to invest in digital printing. The HP Indigo press 3050 provides the entire set of market leading capabilities at a very attractive acquisition cost. In addition, the consumables pricing programme for the HP Indigo press 3050 lets you pay as you print. HP’s “no-commitment” consumables pricing makes it easy for commercial printers to purchase consumables without having to worry about business fluctuations. Add it all up – and the HP Indigo press 3050 makes the investment in digital printing easy.

Liquid ink quality
HP’s unique ElectroInk is the key technology that differentiates the print quality of HP Indigo presses in the market. Composed of a liquid solution carrying minute micron-sized electrically charged particles, HP ElectroInk enables the control of even the smallest particle sizes at the high speeds required for top quality colour and productive printing. The resulting highly uniform 1- to 2-micron translucent ink finish, complements the texture of the paper to produce higher resolution and sharp images in vibrant colours, with the look and feel of offset printing.
The HP digital offset colour process based on its unique ElectroInk, is the only digital printing technology that can equal the quality and colour range of offset printing. Plus, HP Indigo’s new ink adhesion technology means easier post print handling and expands the availability of compatible papers.
HP IndiChrome
HP Indigo digital offset colour presses have the capability to print up to 7 colours and can therefore expand the colour gamut and print colours that competing digital print technologies are unable to produce.
There are two options allowing for the greatest colour production flexibility:
• HP IndiChrome on-press is a 6-colour printing process that uses orange and violet inks in addition to the standard CMYK, achieving an expanded colour gamut. (See Fig 2)

  • Manuals and drawings come with the machine
  • Manuals and drawings are complete
  • Has a footprint/floorplan of the machine
  • Machine is currently running
  • Can offer any operator training/support with the machine
  • Machine conforms to CE standards

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