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Listing ID: MC-412345-30862
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Ends:30/09/2021 14:00 GMT
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Country: United Kingdom
Condition: used
Year: 1961 Rebuilds 1984, 1986, 1992, 1996, 2006
Manufacturer: Valmet


MachineCompare is happy to announce that they have been instructed to market the sale of a Valmet Paper machine (PM4).

Basic information is listed below and full specification is available on request.

Any interested parties should submit their offer to [email protected] with details of their situation including company information before being passed over to the owner to facilitate the sales process.

N.B. All offers will be considered

PM4 start up 1961
Rebuilds 1984, 1986, 1992, 1996, 2006
Products: Directory papers, NEWS paper, Colored Papers
Production capacity 180 000 t/a
Basic weight area 29 – 52 g/m2
Speed 1 510 m/min
On-line Soft calander
2 winders
Wrapping line
Raw material: Thermo mechanical pulp, deinked pulp, chemical pulp, fillers, opacity pigment
Headbox Valmet SymFlo Retro Dilution (2006)
Wire section Valmet Valformer with loadable blades (2006)
Press section Valmet SymPress (1984)
Increased nip loads 105 kN/m / 120 kN/m / 130 kN/m (2006)
Drying Section Valmet SymRun (1996)
5 single tier drying groups
Ropeless tail threading in drying section
Soft Calander Valmet Optisoft 2 nips (1996)
Controsteam boxes for both nips
Oil heated thermo rolls, max 200 C
Max. linear load 300 kN/m
Reeler Valmet OptiReel
Paper web width at reeler 7090 mm, max trim width 7040 mm
24 h speed record 1 562 m/min
CD weight control with IQDilutionPro Lite 82 pcs, 2006, Metso. Moisture profiling at press section with Measurex steam box 1996 (50 control valves), Curling box before calander with Voith Module Pro C 2016. DCS Valmet Damatic XD. QCS MxOpen 1996. ABB Drives system; Wire section DC-drives, other ACV700/ACS880. Web break monitoring system and defect detection Procemex (WMS/WIS) 2011.

Additional Information

Offers or interest to be submitted before the end of the auction time limit.

31.3.1961 PM4 start up
1984: New press section, Valmet SymPress
1986: Headbox (Valmet SymFlo) + Wire Section (Valmet SymFormer) + 2 x Winder
1992: Wrapping line, Lamb
1996: Drying section + On-line soft calander
2006: Headbox (SymFlo retro Dilu) + Wire Section (Valformer)
15.12.2020 PM4 estimated closure

  • Manuals and drawings come with the machine
  • Manuals and drawings are complete
  • Has a footprint/floorplan of the machine
  • Machine conforms to CE standards

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