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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-10281


Country: United Kingdom
Condition: New
Year: NEW



Incorporated into the world’s most productive flexo printers, the Absolute 2G chamber is the original woven carbon fiber dual-blade system for all flexo applications.
Absolute also offer the widest range of chamber conversions (from 4”/100mm to 220”/5,600mm), and, with our fastest systems running at 3,000fpm/1,000mpm, you can be sure our installation archive can produce a perfect match for your requirements.


InkSave is a PLC-controlled ink recovery system that makes wash-up quicker, easier and more economical.
Designed to extract the maximum amount of ink before wash-up, InkSave will reduce your ink loss by 80% and effectively halve water consumption - saving you time, money and valuable resources.
With installations throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East, InkSave has proved its worth and continues to gain an impressive track record.


Made from woven carbon fiber, Absolute’s UniBlade single wiper system guarantees consistent color tone across the width and speed range.
Maintenance free, simple to use, and the perfect upgrade to improve print quality, UniBlade also reduces ink usage and minimises job change.

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