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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-11236


Country: United Kingdom
Condition: New
Size: 400x235x150



Quick, efficient and highly cost effective 3-point gluing machine.

Glue side seam cases, die-cuts AND 3-point crash lock bottom boxes
• Equipped with pressurized, no-mess electronic PVA glue system
• Easy access, quick set up
• Belt driven pile feed with timed operation
• Compression section below gluing section
• Mounted on castors – mobile
• Straight line: carton board to BC double wall
• Crash lock: carton board to EB double wall
• Quick to configure for each job
Crash Lock
Folding Section:
- Front fold, adjustable lifting hooks
- Nylon folding rails
- Top pressure rollers
- Quick release adjustment handles

Set Up Interface
- Easy control of machine
- Adjust settings and batch counting

Gluing Section:
- No-mess pressurized glue system
- Easy set-up electronic interface
- Optional Hot-melt system

Compression Section:
- Compression belt returns underneath machine, economical footprint!
- Variable Speed

Feed Section:
- Automatic feeder
- Timed or untimed pile feed as required
- Individually adjustable, high grip drive belts
- Adjustable feeder gates

Machine Adjustment
- Easy-access zone to adjust belts and guides

Technical Details
Straight Line gluing: up to 3000 per hour
Crash Lock Bottom: up to 2000 per hour

Size change:
Straight Line: 5 minutes
Crash Lock: 15 minutes

Size Ranges:
Min blank size: 200mm x 150mm
Max blank Size: 2000mm x 1000mm (straight line) 1700mm x 1000mm) Crash lock / 3 point

Services required
Power: Single phase 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Pneumatic: Compressed air at 6 bar

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