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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-31452


Country: United States
Year: 2021
Manufacturer: JB Machinery


Plate washing and the need to remove print defects causes significant downtime. Automatic plate washing optimizes efficiency, productivity, and quality.

Pre, During and post run printing plate washing.
Automatically configures for order.
Simultaneous washing of all plates in less than 4 minutes.
1.5 second print defect removal.
High speed power dry.

Optimized productivity and quality.
Significantly reduces waste.
Plates ready for storage in less than 4 minutes.
Print defects removed with minimal waste.
Eliminates manual washing.

  • Manuals and drawings come with the machine
  • Manuals and drawings are complete
  • Can offer any operator training/support with the machine
  • Warranty/guarantee comes with the machine

Location: United States

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