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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-22351


Country: Bulgaria
Condition: Used
Year: 2006


Flexo printing machine MAGIFLEX 8

year: 2006

central drum: 1850 mm

central drum TIR (better than): 0,010 mm

number of printing decks: 8

screws to station shifting: high precision ball bearings

groups locking: pneumatic

printing width: 850 mm

maximum web width: 960 mm

printing repeat length: 340-800mm

anilox cylinder diameter (mandrela): 149,400 mm

print cylinder diameter (mandrela): 98,792 mm

side cut-off system with 2 knives

standard inking with chambered doctor blade: 8

number ink pneumatic pumps: 8

inks type: solvent , water

cliché thickness: photopolymer 1,14 or 2,54mm adhesive tape

horizontal register: motorised on all colours

horizontal register range: /- 10 mm

longitudinal register: motorised on all colours

longitudinal register range: /- 10 mm

drying system steam / air

drying-steam exchangers

reels diameter unwinder 1000 mm

reels diameter winder 1000 mm

cores diameter 6" , 3"

video camera to control the printing BST

automatic edge-guide before CD FIFA

automatic edge-guide before winding FIFA

Compressed air

*feeding pressure 6 bar

*consumed quantity 130 Nm3/h

Cooling water

*feeding pressure 2 bar

*max.consumed quantity 3300 l/h

Inlet air quantity 10 000 Nm3/h

Exhausted air quantity 12 000 Nm3/h

Machine is in very good working condition, in production.

List of equipment available on request.

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