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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-22354


Country: Bulgaria
Condition: Used
Year: 1975


BOBST SP. 1420 E.

1. Year of production 1975

2. Last renovation - 2009

a) Replacement of main (transport) chains

- original Bobst chains

b) Replacement of bearings in the main drive shaft, transport chain drive.

- - disassembly, inspection, assembly of the overload clutch on the shaft.

c) Replacement of bearings in the main transmission shaft - engine - machine

d) Replacement of clutch and brake

- part of the original BOBST

e) Regeneration of transport strips

3. Recently the exchange of the sheet flow control system in the machine from the original (based on photocells using 6V bulbs - to 'Led' type photocells) and the use of a modern control and control system for this system using a processor. Elimination of old electronic circuits.

4. Replacement of transport belts (sheet)

5. VACUUM FEEDER (apparatus feeding 6 suction cups)

6. CLEANING SECTION / Stripping- Yes

7. Max sheet format - 1420 x 700 (mm)

Min sheet format - 700 x 500 (mm)

8. materials

- Solid cardboard up to 1.5 mm thick

- Paper from 90 g / m2

- Max pressure - 600 tons

- Max speed - 4500 sheets / h

- Max machine weight - 25.5 tons

9. Has a NON-STOP system - stacker - trolley

10. Lack of CENTERLIVE - Assembly possible!

11. Has 4 original frames and 4 original plates, 4 (mm)

12. Has DTR documentation - diagram, electronic

13. We have small spare parts for normal wear items

14. The machine is fully operational in production

- very precise (projections within - 0.2 ÷ 0.5 (mm)

- A total of 7 strips

- used for very precise pressings

15. The machine neat, all failures removed on a regular basis based on original parts.

Oil change every 2000 h, according to BOBST recommendations

16. The machine is in good condition, and considering its age is Very Good

Frames and plates not damaged and not excessively worn.

17. In addition, in 2018 the machine is finished from the inside with De Bont material - the requirements of the company introduced BRC standard (Aesthetic appearance and greater safety in terms of packaging contamination during the die cutting process)

18. Section - Purification - Truss-type upper frame (STOP - Aluminum)

Lower board - 12 mm

Upper board - 15 mm

18 mm punch

Minimum punching format: 725 x 540 (mm)

Maximum punching format: 1420 x 1020 (mm)

Standard punch shank: 41 mm for 1 knife

Modification - when used for shank 13 (mm)

Option - use of "0" grip

Print grip - from 10 ÷ 18 (mm)

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