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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-11271


Country: United States
Condition: New
Year: New


Upgrade existing Brown Rotary Thermoformers with “Push” or “Push/Pull” Rotate Systems to the “state of the art” smooth and positive Electric Gear Rotate System. Successfully installed in applications with 18′ to 50′ wheel diameters and generating rotate speeds as low as 4 seconds, the main features of this system are accuracy, reliability, speed and positive rimlock.

The wheel is indexed utilizing a bull gear mounted on a slewring bearing for precise and stable indexing of the wheel and driven with a gearmotor. The rotate gear is positioned directly under the wheel eliminating center shaft windup resulting in an exceptionally accurate wheel position. Fast acceleration, speed and deceleration of the rotate profile are controlled through the Variable Frequency Drive that is programmed to maximize speed and precision while eliminating wheel shake and shudder. The wheel is additionally supported by perimeter wheel supports and an integral brake within the gearmotor will stop the wheel in the event of an “E-Stop”.

The wheel is registered in place by either a single or dual “Shot-Pin” holding system located at the end of the form station for positive rimlock.

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