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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-23524


Country: United Kingdom
Condition: New
Year: New


After the NC Cutter, aka ( Chop Knife ) these conveyors transport the cut sheet materials to a bundle stacker, for hand collection. Or on to an Auto Down Stacker. Then, the collected sheets can be placed on pallets or sent on to an Automated conveyor system to transport the sheets to other secondary processing machines.
A wide belt is used to transport the sheets into the stacker.
Counting of the corrugated sheets is done by a computer.
Installed HMI is used to select the number of sheets for easy bundle counting or stacking.
The sheet bundle is then removed by a traversal belt or roller conveyor.
Installed back-plate controlled by a plc, can be moved back and forth according to the length of the cardboard sheets automatically for neat stacking.
These conveyors can also be incorporated into a complete continuous Auto Stacking system for direct palletisation of your finished sheet products.
We have a wide choice of conveyor combinations available for your production line, and whatever process you may need sheets transported to or from.
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