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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-22255


Country: Bulgaria
Condition: Used
Year: 2014


1. Technical specifications: - Production year: 2014.09

Max sheet: 2100 x 1300mm

Min sheet: 850 x 600mm


Pressure: 500tons

Materials: E, B,C,A and AB flute corrugated board

The Machine is complete with:


• Dynamic torque servo motor driven differential speed belt lead edge feeder with extended feeding table and side alignment

• Imported top quality feeding belt

• Pneumatic side push jogger (left and right side)

• Left and right side guides, individually position adjustable and register side at choice per box layout

• High vacuum blower with three sections vacuum each individually air volume adjustable and controlled by

inverter. The section at two sides can be shut off for running small sheets.

• Side alignment system with left or right angle degree and pressure adjustable rollers, alignment side at choice in accordance with the printing register side

• Height adjustable roller brush and rubber pressing wheels on the extended feeding table for better sheet control, especially for handling of warp corrugated sheet

• Feeding stroke adjustment setting on LCD screen

• Sheet arrives at front lay with servo motor controlled slow down action for precise registration

Diecutting Section

• Crank and worm gear, toggle drive system for the lower platen

• Stationary high precision upper platen

• Safety door and diechase safety locking system

• High torque pneumatic clutch/break for positive clutch on and reliable breaking

• Cutting pressure fine adjustment wheel with position indicate gauge and tonnage meter • Overloading protection torque limit clutch

• State-of-the-art 3 cam index gripper chain drive

• Center line system compatible to Center Line II, makes the cutting die and stripping die centered quickly • 7 pieces of gripper bar with 24 grippers per piece

• Sheet arrival and departure check photo sensor

• Left and right front lay locking blocks, separating and synchronizing adjustment available

• Self-diagnostic trouble display

• Digital speed display

• Automatic recycling lubrication system with oil pressure gauge and oil pressure switch

• Automatic main gripper drive chain lubrication

• Air cushion underneath the cutting plate for easy cutting plate floating in and out

Stripping Section

• Centerline system (compatible to centerline II)

• Motorized upper frame suspending hoister

• Lead edge waste removal system

• Centerline system with quick lock pin on upper frame


• Automatic delivery fork with non-stop air cylinder to protect the sheets from scratches

• The bundle delivery table can be prepared for future connection with breaker for in line operation (to be required at order).

• Electronic batch counter

• Spring loaded adjustable chain tension back buffering wheel to maintain the chain tension constant and smooth gripper bar movement


• PLC system to control machine running and trouble surveillance • CE standard electrical components and circuit

Standard Accessories

• One platform

• One 7mm hardened (HRC45) cutting plate • One die chase

• One spare gripper bar

• One set of tools (metric)

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