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Listing ID: MC-412345-22192


Country: Bulgaria
Condition: Used
Year: 1998


5 Colour Goebel Ecoprint web offset forms press, built in 1998, running in reel-to-reel configuration, with Insetting capability to produce 5 5 colours:

- Max. Web speed: 280m/min

- Max. web width: 520mm

- Max printing width: 515mm

- Unwinder: 2 x 50” reel diameter (Flying splice)

- Rewinder: 2 x 50” reel diameter

- Form depth: 24”achievable 23 1/3”

- Web speed : 280m/min

- Web offset cassette: 5 x 34”, 5 x 23?”

- Insetting capability: 5 colours printed on first pass through press and inset into the

machine to print a further 5 colours on reverse side to produce

5 5 colours.

- Fountain water system Technotrans

- Paper weight: 50-180gsm

- UV Drying : 5 UV Dryers manufactured by IST includes chillrolls

- Perforators: Lateral (4”) and Longitudinal Perforator

- Colour register control Eltromat (camera on one side of web

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