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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-29812


Country: United States
Year: New
Manufacturer: JB Machinery


InKomand ensures consistent printing results by precisely controlling ink temperature. This stabilizes both pH and viscosity. Controlling ink temperature also minimizes the need for chemical adjustments. When necessary, the auto dosing function makes the adjustment without any operator intervention. The moment the system senses PH or viscosity moving out of the pre-determined range, the auto dosing function injects the appropriate pH/viscosity adjuster to maintain ink specifications for higher quality print, faster, drying speeds, and a vast reduction in waste.

So Why InKomand?

• Precise Ink Temperature Control
• pH and Viscosity monitoring and dosing.

• Continuous uninterrupted printing
• Improved Ink drying
• Color Variation minimized if not eliminated
• Faster set ups and reduced wash-ups
• Significant reduction of waste, sheet wraps, & jams.

  • Manuals and drawings come with the machine
  • Can offer any operator training/support with the machine
  • Warranty/guarantee comes with the machine
  • Machine conforms to CE standards

Location: Westport, CT, United States

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