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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-10834


Country: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Year: New


This machine is built specifically for cutting and slitting cardboard sheets, with its own take-off conveyors. Various other machines can be utilised to collect the sheets in bundles to save manual labour and improve production efficiency. Or could have a special stacker where a manual bundle take-off unit can be fitted at the end of the main conveyor.
This NC Single Face Cutter & Slitter, can slit up to 4 out of the paper width.
The order length & width settings are entered into the PLC by using a Touch Screen, which can be operated in manual or automatic order change mode.
The slitting Blades have an added feature built into this machine, where by automatic blade sharping can be carried out in-situ. This is a high precision high speed machine where the blades are fast-setting.
The cut-off knife is computer controlled with a length accuracy of +/- 1mm. With automatic order change selected you produce no waste sheets between orders.

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