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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-11322


Country: United Kingdom
Condition: New
Year: NEW


Having developed the first Double Facer Heat Transfer System back in the early 1990’s, SIMON continue to develop their latest system – the S-Press.
As well as being installed on many new OEM Double Facers, the S-Press can also be retrofitted to any make of machine replacing existing weight roll and shoe systems resulting in the very best levels of heat transfer. Results continually show higher running speeds over all board grades, with lower starch consumption, improved board quality, no edge crushing and reduced steam consumption presenting S-Press customers with a quick return on their investment.
Using high quality components throughout, the S-Press has a simple robust construction intended to give many years of high performance and low maintenance on the Double Facer. The system comes with blowers that provide enough pressure even when running the heaviest board combinations. When running lighter weight boards, the unique S-Press design has the ability to provide either a ‘Kiss-Touch’ or very low contact pressures to the belt and the board, resulting in significant reductions in Double Facer main drive power consumption.
The S-Press can be used with both conventional and light-weight plastic Double Facer belts and a guarantee of no belt damage from the S-Press has seen a doubling of the belt lift expectancy on conventional belts. To accommodate varying board widths, the unique S-Press design requires no complex devices such as segmented air sacs, solenoid valves or photo-cells for modulating the pressures on the outer edges. The S-Press’s long-life, single chamber air sacs result in essentially a zero maintenance design.

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