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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-11295


Country: Italy
Condition: Used
Year: 2001


Powerset complete with new lead in tables and new Dry-end controller with automatic order change.
The machine has Left Hand Drive paper going, 400 Volts-50 Hz and it’s actually available in our factory.

1 V-POWERSET Slitter Scorer - 5 OUTS

* Max. mechanical speed: 400 m/min.
* Double module machine with robotic positioning
* Each module has a slitter and scoring station and independent trim system
* Order change at line speed up to 300 m/min. ( not in Tandem)
* Tools are guided on a central high accuracy support
* Tools are always distributed across the working width and lifted up when not in use
* Minimum distance between slitters 140 mm (5.51")
* Minimum distance between scorers 58 mm (2.28")
* Minimum distance between scorers when running in tandem: 0 mm (0")
* Lateral shiftment of the tools: +/- 50 mm
* Positioning tolerance: +/- 0.5 mm.
* Scorers with automatic offset (positive and negative)
* Diameter of the slitters 240 mm (9.44")
* Diameter of the scorers 200 mm (7.87")
* 2 sharpening wheels for each slitter
* Automatic sharpening of the slitters with programable sharpening cycles
* Automatic lubrication of the slitters with programable lubrication cycles
* Optimisation of the use of the slitters to reach uniform consumption
* 2 pulling stations with a driven steel roll and no-crush wheels (one for each module - between the slitters and scorers)
* Indipendent electrical cubicle for each module on board, on the operator side complete with air conditioner
* Touch Screen on the operator side

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