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Listing ID: MC-412345-10988


Country: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Year: New


Key Features

Single Facer 150 is part of Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine.
This machine is exclusively for the formation of fluting paper and laminating of single facer.
The height of this machine can be reached to 160m/min. The production speed also can arrive at 150m/min.30~40HP of the Motor and the speed can be adjusted.
As for the fluting type which can be connected with C-A-B-E flute, we also can make any type of the flute and cut-off size for the machine that customer required.
Upper and lower corrugated roller, pressure roller, pre-heater roller are through by air cylinder. Set up steam recovery system.
Oil immersed type gear box driven in Universal Joint , directing the lower fluting roller, pressure roller, glue roller and doctor roller. Single direction mechanism, stopping machine to avoid the glue sticking to roller surface.
The motion of the upper corrugated roller, pressure roller and glue roller are operated by the hydraulic cylinder. Set up a hydraulic unit control.
Fingerless design. Equip with suction stand *1, match up suction lid, which ensures that the corrugation of the fluting paper does not disperse in the process from the formation to the lamination.
This machine can combine with single wall (3 layers) *1, double wall (5 layers) *2, and single facer *1 corrugators.
There is an upward paperboard shelf at the top of machine, conveying single-sided corrugated board to bridge conveyor.

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