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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-22320


Country: Bulgaria
Condition: Used
Year: 2015


1. Technical specifications:

- Year: 2015;

- Max. size: 800 x 900 mm;

- 3 points gluing - possible to add one more gun for 4 point gluing;

- Bar code reader;

- Vacuum-matic belts;

- Feeder for corrugated WS 25;

- Light barrier;

- Cardboard 200-700 gsm;

- Corrugated N-F-E-G;

- Pre-folding;

- Power supply: 400V, 60Hz;

- Installed power: 20 kW;

- Pneumatic supply: 6 bar;

- Air demand:

- • Cold gluing KAS C400 3 nozzles, 4 control channels;

- Working speed – productivity: 0-200 m/min;

- Weight – 6250 kg;

- Dimensions:

• Length - 14 050 mm;

• Width - 1,450 mm;

• Height - 2,200 mm;


1. The construction is 1. Vacuum feeder, 2. VacuMatic straightening section and pre-breaking (prefolding) together with folding the bottom, 3. Folding section, three and four points gluing, 4. Section for folding and gluing, 5. Section for lining, 6. Gluing pressing unit, 7. Central guide element in section 4

2. Electric vibrating stacker.

3. Electronic control of main drive as well as feeder and press.

4. Automatic working speed control system.

5. Automatic joint adjustment of feeder, folding and pressing speed.

6. Controller for independent adjustment of feeder and pressing speed in relation to the main drive.

7. Controller for independent press start - stop machine.

8. Controller for independent start of the feeder - stop machine.

9. Full equipment for 3-point folding and cold-gluing.

10. Central guide along the entire length of the machine.

11. Central tightening / gluing belt in the press.

12. Automated press down system.

13. Computer low-pressure cold glue system, C400 control unit, three nozzles.

14. Hot gluing system with one nozzle.

15. Accessories for the adhesive system - cleaning elements.

16. Vacuum feeder.

17. VacuMatic pneumatic packaging alignment system

18. VersoMatic barcode control system.

19. The packaging support system for packaged PackHand packaging.

20. Central sticking press belt.

21. Electronic counter with a pneumatic device for counting packages of glued boxes synchronized with the speed of the machine.

22. Spherical mirror.

23. Light signal tower.

24. Stationary control panel.

25. Auxiliary control panel at the exponent.

26. Remote control.

27. Limit sensors.

28. Auxiliary compressor for 24l adhesive system.

29. Digital mechanical position indicators.

30. Lower sliding support guides.

31. Flexible sliding guides.

32. A set of roller guide elements.

33. A set of sliding guide elements.

34. Allen and flat wrench set.

35. Documentation.

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