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Machine Compare
Listing ID: MC-412345-22376


Country: Bulgaria
Condition: Used
Year: 2015


For the production of •Side •Mono •Still – RevoBox System

Max format 60x100cm

Max cycle per hour 1400

Gluing unit

Turning-in station

Delivery on stacker

It can produce:

Single-piece cases

Cases made of up-to-6 pieces

Covering material feeder

Paper and laminated paper Polyurethane


Other covering materials

Board feeder

Max number of pieces: 6 (standard) Max cardboard thickness: mm 3

Magnets inserter

Max number of magnets: 4

At the delivery of the Roby 1800 Box it is connected a unit for the application of magnets - Magneton.

MAGNETON SCPK is composed of:


*Technical specifications may change without notice.

 No stop covers feeder Magnets inserter

Protective labels

Perfect for:

Covers with magnets

MAGNETON SCPK can be connected in line with the main casemaker machines

Zechini Simphony - 2015 model

Cardboard grooving macine which produces neither noise nor dust. It allows production of cases and/or boxes with a square angle. Upon request the machine can be supplied with an automatic unloading system which piles boards directly onto a europallet

Zechini Roby one - 2015 model

Gluing and mounting machine which allows gluing of "wings" onto cases.

Two-up gluing device;

A device to mount a tray onto a case.

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