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Machine Compare

Think you know Avanti Conveyors? Think again

5 October 2020

Avanti Conveyors have had the philosophy of improving and adapting ever since they were established in 1988. Products have been developed and improved, the factory footprint has grown and the team has both developed and grown.

Their approach to materials handling is a similar one of looking for improvements; they look at the processes within your plant and work together to optimise those processes.

From your ‘Work In Progress’ through to ‘Finished Goods‘, most processes can be automated and as a result, offering up many benefits:
• Greater speed
• Less operator involvement
• Can require less space
• Increased productivity
• Reduction of bottlenecks
Avanti Conveyors provide a wide range of solutions designed to deliver long-term improvements to your company’s efficiency. Challenging the established way is part of the business’s ethos and that drives them to find the best tailored solution for each customer.


Avanti’s core values of Innovation, Flexibility and Support are the drivers that underpin their approach to every customer’s needs.


Avanti Conveyors started as the UK agent of American company Pentek, offering roller conveyors. They have evolved their product line over time and now offer complete materials handling solutions as well as upgrades. Innovative product development ensures that their products exceed their customers’ current demands. They work with you to design a solution that removes bottlenecks and increases efficiency for now, and for the future.

Their simulation software shows you exactly what is possible in your plant to help you visualise, and monetise the benefits of automation.


Avanti Conveyors design and manufacture their solutions in-house and have a great and loyal workforce who take pride in their work. Their lean manufacturing facility allows them to produce efficiently and effectively. Over the years, the company has grown their factory footprint and are now planning their next move to a purpose-built factory close by.

Their flexible approach to finding a solution that exceeds their customers’ expectations relies heavily on having excellent working relationships with customers, and the people and facilities to back it up.


Avanti Conveyors are a long-term partner. They remain an independently owned company and many of their team remain from those early days, safeguarding the continuity of service for their customers. New team members have joined them and ensure they continue to produce the best available products and offer the best available support possible.

Technological advancements mean that they can offer remote support and upgrades, improving even further the speed of service for their customers. This focus on support extends on through to their supply of spare parts and their on-going maintenance support service, long after that initial capital investment phase is over.