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Machine Compare

Why 5G matters for the future of smart cities

14 August 2020

Today, approximately 55% of the world’s population lives in cities. A statistic set to reach 68% by 2050, thanks to the continued migration of people from rural to urban areas increasing by 2.5 billion.

It’s facts like these that attracted our CEO, Ben Findlay, to co-host a compelling discussion at the Digital City Festival in Manchester, exploring the important role 5G will play in the future of smart cities.

The Digital City Festival

The festival is a two-day exhibition of fringe events (some free, others not) hosted at co-working spaces and a multitude of other venues across the city. 

Despite its booming musical and sporting events calendar and vibrant tech meet-up scene, Manchester has never played host to a digital tech-themed metropolitan festival. 

This made the invitation one we couldn’t refuse. 

Why 5G matters for the future of smart cities

“With 5G an enabling technology for IoT, and as smart cities essentially rely on IoT to function, 5G and smart cities are inevitably linked”.

Catch up on the highlights from today’s discussions, including topics around connectivity, big data, sector adoption and, in light of COVID-19 developments, how 5G will benefit the health sector of the future. 

Digital Transformation

“Digital transformations” was another key topic high on the agenda. Good timing as we’re well underway with a digital transformation of our own. 

The basic idea behind our digital transformation came from investigating the needs of our customers around the world. Looking at what they need, paired with the culture of the business to determine business objectives only achievable thanks to the early adoption of new technologies.

Think AI, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality. It’s our firm opinion that the future of industrial trade should be fuelled by technology and data.

Speaking opportunities

Please contact our CMO Emily at [email protected] if you have a speaker opportunity fitting for the team or our partners.